Air Batang Village

Air Batang, or ABC Village as it's popularly known, is a rural village along the west coast of Tioman Island, at immediate north of Tekek village. Located south of Panuba Bay and 3km before Salang via jungle trail, the village is a traditional backpacker hideout, with a high concentration of budget hotels offering basic accommodation, though quite a few resorts have upgraded their chalets in recent years.

The beach is a linear 1.5km stretch of sand, with emerald clear waters and lush landscapes, but the immediate seashore suffers from being overly rocky. Because of sparse development and a small population, the village retains a pleasant countryside environment.

Air Batang - ABC Villege

 Why is it called ABC?

Today ABC is a small village with one small path crossing from north to south, following the coast line, no cars, just some motorbikes (sometimes driven by children).

The people living here are mostly quite, enjoying their relaxed way of living and the untouched mood of their village. Their spirit and value are strong and as long as you respect them, people will respect you.

Don’t expect a party place, there are a few bars and occasional parties, but the main purpose here is about relaxing, meeting other people, diving and trekking. This is also a major reason people visit ABC, for this balance between traditions and respect for other people, but also for the possibility to enjoy a fresh drink on the beach.

Being a small village close to the jungle also brings different kinds of visitors: monkeys and giant monitor lizards, these guys are regularly crossing your path, reminding you that they know the place more that you ever will. Lastly the most unavoidable animals are the cats, they are everywhere, sleeping or craving your food and affection.

Walk along the path (it will take you about 40 min to go from one side of the village to the other) enjoy the sea and the giant trees, have your lunch on a terrace and observe life moving around you. In the evening have a cocktail while talking with some locals or travellers and fall a sleep with the sound of the waves or the music of the jungle.


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